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    A basic 15" wide, paperboard hanging file folder should have two metal strips as seen here (my folders were plain dark green). The metal hanging strip was 16.75" long and approximately 0.032" (0.8mm) thick. Open the paper portion of the folder and remove the strip. Remove any lingering paper or glue on the metal.

If that is not available you can make due with two silver paper clips:
- One standard size 1.25" long. .035" (.89mm) diameter
- One large 2" long .04" (1mm) diameter.
Straighten the clips the best you can with a pair of needle nose pliers. About 1½" of one end should be quite straight. "Close enough" for the remaining length will be sufficient. If there is plastic coating, remove it by lightly scraping the wire.

If you can manage to make the metal stip and the large paper clip versions, that would be best. If not, make the two paper clip tools.

Whatever material you choose, the thick tool should be approximately 1mm (0.04"), but no more than 1.5mm (0.06").

The following steps work with the paper clip or metal strip materials.

   Hold the strip with a pair of suitable pliers so that the jaws are perpendicular to the end and using another pair of pliers (not seen here) bend the end back and forth to break it off, leaving a square end on the remaining strip. Discard the piece broken off.

   Use a small files to remove any sharp edges. There should be no paint, glue, or other foreign matter on the last 7cm (3 inches) or so of the strip. This will be the end used to gauge the space between the drum and the roast chamber rear wall.

    Using pliers once more, hold the side of the jaws closest to the end of the strip perpendicular to the end of the metal strip (as indicated by the red arrow). Create a bend which forms a 90 degree angle of approximately 1/2" to 3/4" long.

Here you see the first bend completed.

   Make a second bend at 90 degrees in the same direction

The second bend creates a "U" shape.

   To create a sort of handle on the tool, measure a minimum of 2.5" to 3" from the last bend (indicated by the red arrow). This distance is not critical as it just has to be long enough to end above the top of the roaster when the tool is in use and give you an easy place to grip the tool. Make another 90 degree bend in the direction as seen in the photo.


Finish the tool off by forming some sort of handle if you like. Be sure to file off any sharp edges when you cut off any excess length at this end of the strip.

    The tools are now ready for use!

   There are a lot of different paper clips available and their sizes vary. Click on the icon to see a larger image with examples of different clips as well as the dimensions (diameters and lengths) of them. This may make selection a littler easier for you. The main idea is to have one tool that is of the correct diameter and one that is just a little larger. The correct size should just fit and the larger one should either be a tight fit, or fit not at all.
    If the paper clip(s) you use have a plastic coating, be sure to peel it off before use.

   Remember, if you are unsure about performing any of the tasks discussed here,
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